Growing ScienceTM is an online publisher of academic and scientific journals. The mission of our company is to provide a forum to discuss the latest advances of different engineering sciences. Our goal is to publish peer reviewed leading edge technology articles. Growing ScienceTM is located in Canada.   There are many scientists cooperating with us across the globe as referees, editors with strong resumes, etc. Growing Science provides journals in two forms of hard and soft copies and depends primarily on subscription fees for its regular activities.

Growing Science is dedicated for publishing in the fields of business, accounting, decision-making, supply chain management, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and many other engineering fields. Thousands of researchers have contributed from various countries worldwide on different topics.

Growing Science has published several highly cited papers in different fields such as discrete firefly, teaching-learning-based optimization, multilevel-evolutionary algorithm, etc.

Growing Science currently publishes several open access, peer-reviewed journals and they are included in one or more of the leading abstracting and indexing databases, including DOAJ, EBSCO, SCOPUS and Scimago. Growing Science has been also a member of CrossRef, the scholarly DOI linking organization.