Publishing credentials (Last updated: November 2017)

Growing Science registration, headquarter and offices

Growing Science publishing operations are managed by Mr Seyed Jafar Sadjadi as a Sole Proprietorship registered with the government of Canada under his name. The firm is not associated with any parent company and has two small offices in Canada, one in Toronto and the other in Vancouver ( 970 Melbourne Ave, North Vancouver, BC, V7R 1N9), which are considered for Administration operations. The scientific operations of each journal is mainly accomplished in country where editor-in-chief resides, e.g. Poland for Current Chemistry Letters, and the administration efforts are mainly executed in Canada. Growing Science is a registered Trademark ( Registration number TMA897683) under the name "Growing Science" with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

The firm started its operations in 2010 with the journal named International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations, which is presently indexed by Scopus, Scimago, DOAJ, Scholar Metrics, EBSCO and it is under evaluation for other well-known databases. According to Scimago database retrieved from Scopus, the journal is ranked one in its field and it is located among the best 60 Canadian journals. Most parts of handling the papers, assigning to referees and making decisions are executed by people who serve Growing Science team as editors from different countries such as Poland, United States, Germany, Taiwan, India, China, etc. All journals are available in two forms of electronic version and hard copy. The hard copy of all journals are archived with National Library and Archive Canada.

Advertising polices for print and web publications

The firm does not accept any advertising or promotion plan for other publishers. The firm normally prepares limited numbers of hard copies and ship them to libraries and authors per request for subscription. The hard copies are prepared by a small private company managed by Mr Hamid Yousefi in Tehran/Iran. The firm has never and will never send call for paper to authors. The firm maintains a good metadata, which has enabled us to attract researchers to our publications through different search engines as stated by Alexa. The firm has also provided remarkable search engine, which is customized in terms of Keywords, Authors, etc. In addition, our smart search engine provides excellent tools for researchers to follow their needs. Every day, nearly 1000 individuals visit thousands of our web pages from different countries.

Editorial and Peer Review processes

Presently, every journal has at least one editor-in-chief who is responsible for handling the reviewing system. All journals are supported by skilled editorial teams. Current Chemistry Letters, for instance, is managed by Dr Oleg M. Demchuk from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Poland, Prof. M Reza Naimi-Jamal from Department of Chemistry, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran and Dr. Radomir Jasiński from Cracov University of Technology, Poland. The journal is also supported by 22 editorial board. The people who serve Growing Science editorial team have at least 3 years of job experiences as editors and all of them have strong academic resumes.

Growing Science has extensive Editorial Policies, which addresses conflict of interest, submission declaration, copyright, language and language services and Article structure. The publisher has a comprehensive practicing Ethics including consent for publication of individual patient data.

Quality management and Mechanisms for ensuring the quality of published articles

For all journals published by Growing Science team, two reviewers read the papers and give constructive comments. There is a Flow chart that shows details of the workflow. When a paper is accepted, the paper is passed to our quality management representative, Mrs. M. Orouji, who maintains a master degree of Science and performs the following operations,

1. She makes sure that the paper follows our ethics, all figures are original and maintain sufficient quality
2. She validates all references and makes sure they all maintain correct address.
3. She makes sure that all references are cited properly inside the paper.
4. She makes sure that all equations are typeset properly according to our instruction.
5. She assigns appropriate DOI number and validates it to make sure that the journal maintains unique identification.
6. She makes sure that the corresponding author has provided full contact information including Telephone number, email address, etc.
7. She provides an online version of the paper and contacts with the corresponding author to receive the copyright agreement and gets feedback on the online version of paper before the paper receives volume and number.
8. In addition, during the final stage, Ms. Orouji checks the quality of the figures, tables and content of the papers to make sure that all papers maintain high quality resolution. In some cases, we draw some pictures by an independent team located in India through outsourcing policy. See a sample

Indexing process and data entry

In Growing Science, most journals are indexed by some well known databases such as Directory of Open Access, EBSCO, Scopus, etc. Ms. Tahereh Khodadadzade is responsible for data entry. She holds masters of science and is responsible to keep update records on different databases. During the past few years, Growing Science has managed to publish many highly cited papers click here for some example or here .