June 2017
CiteScore™ Metrics Released for Scopus Journals

The CiteScore, the new citation metric for journals covered in the Scopus® database, was released on 1 June 2017, representing the citation activity in 2016 for articles published during the three previous years. Note that the following list does not cover all Growing Science journals covered in Scopus since some of them have recently been added and we will update the table as soon as the information become available.

CiteScore Data for Growing Science Journals

Journal Rank Category Link CiteScore
2016 2015 2014
International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations 73/294(Q1) Industrial and Manufactutring Engieering Link 1.33 1.30 1.27
Engineering Solid Mechanics 41/146(Q1)
69/227 (Q1)
60/143 (Q2)
Metals and Alloys
Civil and Structural Engineering
Ceramics and Composites
Mechanics of Materials
Polymers and Plastics
Link 1.08 1.12 -
Decision Science Letters 25/34(Q3) Decision Sciences Link 0.74 0.51 0.52