Highly Cited Articles (Updated: November, 2017)

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‣ Conventional and microwave-assisted multicomponent reaction of alkyne, halide and sodium azide catalyzed by copper apatite as heterogeneous base and catalyst , Kale, S., Kahandal, S., Disale, S., & Jayaram, R. (Scholar ciations: 23)

‣ One-pot synthesis of 2, 4, 5-tri-substituted-1H-imidazoles promoted by trichloromelamine, Mirjalili, B., Bamoniri, A., & Mohaghegh, N. (Scholar ciations: 16)

‣ Regioselective synthesis of 3-arylpyrido [2, 3-b] pyrazines by reaction of arylglyoxals with 2, 3-diaminopyridine, Khalafy, J., Marjani, A., & Haghipour, M. (Scholar ciations: 9)