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In Canada:Growing Science
970 Melbourne Ave
North Vancouver BC,
V7R 1N9 Canada
Tel: 604 377 8584
Tel: 519 900 1541

General Information
In Canada: Growing Science
188 King Street North,
Waterloo, Onrtrio, N2J 4Z4
Tel: 519-900-1541

Dr. Oleg M. Demchuk, assistant professor
Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin
Department of Organic Chemistry
33 - Gliniana Street
20-614, Lublin
Fax (United Kingdom) : +44 - 872 115 8751
Email: info@growingscience.com

Review results, Publication, etc.
Dr. Masoud babakhani, Editor-in-chief
Department of Progress and Accounting,
Iran University of Science and Technology
Tehran, Iran,

For papers submitted from Euopean region
Prof. Zélia Silva Serrasqueiro Management and Economics Department,
Beira Interior University, Portugal
Email: zelia@ubi.pt